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If you've reached this page is for fact that you are looking for information about who we are and what we do, so you are on the right place. emerged as an idea around 2009 when the new unlimited cell phone services hit the market, when this happened the new way to apply payment to customers account with PIN (Personal Identification Number) became massive and very acceptable by customers, the infrastructure and technology to deliver such a digital product wasn't very usual those days, so we use our vast experience with online commerce to develop a state of the art web site to supply the demand

This not being the first project that we had pioneered at online business we knew exactly how to get this done securely, we started the project with two main commitments, first and foremost was the security of all data and transactions, this first commitments works as base structure for the second commitment

which is customer satisfaction, we know that having a stable and reliable system is the key to service the users as they deserve, with those things in mind we've developed a platform with a variety of features and advantages, ideal environment for hosting products for the best USA Carriers / MNVO's, those same principals allows us to receive positive optimistic feedback from our customers, we believe that a happy and satisfied customer is one of the most important components to growing a successful business.

Let's talk about security, on your information is safe. We run our e-commerce platform on a fully PCI compliant Redundant Servers environment (highest levels of Internet Security), we also make sure that each of the online transactions are fully authenticated with the 3D Secure technology developed by Visa and MasterCard. We are tested DAILY on new security updates and we use the strongest 256-bit SSL encryption commercially available.

Price and availability. We offer the best prices, discounts and convenience on the Internet. Our wireless recharge/refill PINs are delivered instantly online! Our stock is precisely calculated so we make sure to never run out of our products. Our production servers are strategically located at different locations of the world to avoid service downtime.

Help and support, since it is very important for us maintain clear communication with our customers in case that help is needed, we've developed a ticket system that helps us track every step of any issue that has been reported, starting form where the issue has initiated to where the issue gets resolved, based on feedbacks our customers find this to be the best way to go due to our fast and accurate response with the only goal in mind: help the customer and make sure to maintain a great purchase experience. We hope that you like our products and high quality customer service.

Wholesale opportunity, we have the distribution capacity and tools to supply businesses with our products, if you are interested please inquire about our catalog with more than one thousand products immediately available for wholesalers, which makes us a reliable source for business to business scheme (B2B).

P.S.: Beware of websites that don't follow minimum security practices and guidelines to archive a stable and secure e-commerce, making them extremely unreliable and unstable, vulnerable to very basic hacking attacks, as well as data loss. Avoid websites that looks suspicious and don't be afraid to ask questions to website owners before you signup to their services or give them any sensitive private information, this should give you a clear outlook of whom you are doing business with and avoid fraud or any sort of future headaches.


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